NOS/NIB Tubes - Special Deals


NOS/NIB GE 6L6GC's, guaranteed new in their original boxes, branded for RCA, Amperex, Westinghouse, Zenith and others, matched prs.…$160.00

-Premium matched at the same voltage they will see in your amp.

-Best price available for brand new and never used vintage 6L6GC tubes.



NOS/NIB RCA 6L6GC's, early to mid-1960ís black plate tubes, guaranteed new in their original boxes, branded for Raytheon, matched prs.…$275.00

-Fully burnt-in and premium matched within 0.7ma at 450 plate volts.

-When my competitors have matched pairs of NOS/NIB RCA 6L6GC tubes, they sell them for $400.00 or more.

Hi Test sells the highest quality tubes at the best prices.



NOS/NIB Ken-Rad/GE 6V6GT's, early-mid 1950's black plates in original boxes, matched prs.…$65.00

-Great choice for tweed Fender amps like the 5E3 Deluxe.

-None of my competitors can match this great price.



NOS/NIB RCA 12AX7A's…$85.00

Guaranteed new and never used RCA 12AX7A tubes in original boxes.

Sold elsewhere for $105.00 or more.


Have you noticed the proliferation of NOS tubes sold in white boxes in the marketplace?

-With rare exception, we regard tubes without original boxes as USED tubes and cannot help but wonder where all of these NOS tubes in white boxes are coming from.

We are old school. We sell guaranteed new and never used tubes in original boxes.

-We don't sell used tubes that test as NOS in white boxes.

-We don't misrepresent used tubes in white boxes as NOS by claiming that the original box was water damaged or eaten by mice.

-We rarely see genuine new old stock tubes in bulk format and seriously doubt our competitors' increasing ability to find these tubes in a supply-side challenged market.