NOS/NIB Power Tubes

RCA 6L6GC’s, black plates and side getters, matched prs.…$350.00

-We have a large stock of these tubes. We can select tubes that draw the correct current and match them at the same plate voltage they will see in your amp.

RCA 6L6GC's, first generation with black plates and bottom getters, matched prs.…$360.00

GE 6L6GC’s, matched prs.…$195.00

Sylvania 6L6GC’s, matched prs.…$195.00

-Original equipment in Dumble amps.

Sylvania 6L6GC's, STR-387 tall bottle, matched prs.…$225.00

Sylvania 6L6GC's, STR-415 tall bottle, matched prs.…$225.00

Tung-Sol 5881/6L6WGB’s, matched prs.…$195.00

-The Tung-Sol 5881 was original equipment in ALL of the higher power narrow panel Fender tweed amps and in the early 1960's brown/white Bandmaster, Bassman, Concert, Pro, Super, Showman, Twin and Vibrolux amps. They were also original equipment in Marshall JTM45's made prior to mid-1965. Capable of handling the 500 plus plate voltages of early White Bandmasters and Bassmans, the Tung-Sol 5881 is one tough tube, providing superb tone and harmonic content plus unsurpassed service life.

-We also recommend the Tung-Sol 5881 in blackface and silverface Bandmaster, Pro, Pro Reverb, Tremolux and Vibrolux Reverb amps.

GE 7581A’s, matched prs.…$245.00


GEC/Genalex KT66’s, premium matched prs.…$495.00


RCA 6V6GT’s, black plates, matched prs.…$125.00

RCA 6V6GTY, military spec., 1950’s black plates, matched prs.…$125.00

RCA 6V6GTA’s, grey plates, matched prs.…$135.00

RCA 6V6GTY, military spec., 1960’s grey plates, matched prs.…$135.00

RCA 6V6GT/G’s, 1940's black plate production, matched prs.…$135.00

Tung-Sol 6V6GT’s, 1950's production, matched prs.…$120.00

Tung-Sol 6V6GTA’s, late 1950's-early 1960's production, matched prs.…$120.00

Ken-Rad 6V6GT/G’s, fantastic 1940’s VT107A’s, matched prs.…$125.00

Ken-Rad/GE 6V6GT's, early to mid 1950's black plates, matched prs.…$65.00

-Limited Time Special Offer.

GE 6V6GT’s, mid to late 1950’s black plates, matched prs.…$95.00

National Union 6V6GT/G's, superb 1940's VT107A tubes, matched prs.…$100.00

Raytheon 6V6GT's, 1950's production, great in tweeds, matched prs.…$85.00

Raytheon 6V6GT/G's, 1940's production, very harmonic, matched prs.…$110.00

CBS/Hytron 6V6GT’s, matched prs.…$90.00

CBS/Hytron 6V6GTY's, mil spec, matched prs.…$90.00

Westinghouse 6V6GTA’s, 1960's production with massive 7591A plates, singles.…$65.00

-The best choice for blackface and silverface Fender Champs, which run their 6V6's way over spec.

Sylvania 6V6GTA’s, 1960's-early 1970's black plates, matched prs.…$90.00

Sylvania 6V6GTY’s, 1960's micanol base military version, matched prs.…$90.00

Sylvania 6V6GT’s, mid-1950's to early 1960's grey glass production, matched prs.…$95.00

Sylvania 6V6GT/G’s, 1940's military version, matched prs.…$95.00


RCA 6K6GT’s, black plates…$15.00


Mullard EL34’s, XF3 and XF4 codes, matched prs.…$300.00

Mullard EL34’s, XF2, single getter, matched prs.…$375.00

Mullard EL34’s, XF2, double getter, matched prs.…$385.00

Mullard EL34’s, XF1, large base, matched prs.…$575.00

Amperex/Philips EL34’s, brown base and “D” getters, matched prs.…$375.00

Siemens EL34’s, authentic dimpled top tubes, matched prs.…$175.00

Sylvania 6CA7’s, fat bottles, matched prs.…$325.00


Telefunken EL84’s, matched qds.…$495.00

Valvo EL84’s, these are the tubes that put the jangle in the early Vox AC30’s, superior harmonic structure, quality and longevity, matched qds.…$360.00

Amperex EL84’s, matched qds.…$360.00

Mullard EL84’s, matched qds.…$360.00

Tungsram EL84’s, matched qds.…$195.00

GE EL84’s, great value, matched qds.…$195.00

Siemens & Halske E84L’s, rated for 10,000 hours of service, matched qds.…$300.00

-How many sets of current production EL84's rated for 500 hours will you have to buy to achieve the same service cycle?

Amperex 7189’s, early RX3 codes with "D" getter, matched prs..…$195.00


Tung-Sol 6550’s, matched prs.…$475.00

GE 6550’s, matched prs.…$295.00